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FotTheWuk: blog

Ignostic Discordian Qblhist
graphic designer, musician, unicyclist, origamist and father
accessibility, ambient electro-folk, animal liberation, anticipatory reciprocity, apple, architecture, art, asherah, ashur, astrology, black tea, branding, brane theory, brighton, browser independence, buckminster fuller, butterflies, calabi-yau, carbon isotopes, cartography, cascading style sheets, chaocracy, chaos magic, chirality, circles, clockgnosis, compass and line drawing, copyleft, creative and artistic expression, creative visualisation, cubit, damselflies, diamond, discord, dragonflies, dubkore, ecobalah, ectomorph, electronica, eps, eris, ets hayim, fnord, folk music, fotthewuk, freebooters alliance, geometric cosmology, geometry, gnosis, graphic communication, graphic design, graphite, guerilla origami, guitar, history, history of time, hodge, hopscotch, i am the pope, illustrator, independant music, indesign, information graphics, insects, isometric projection, isometric sephiroth, jesse tree, juggling, kabbalah, kallisti, labyrinths, larp, light pollution control, m-brane, magic, mandolin, mathematics, measurement, meditation, metabelief, metaphilosophy, metaphysics, metrology, migraine, museums, my beautiful daughter, nag hammadi library, natural energy healing, nehushtan, neo-platonism, no hot dog buns, nocturnal suburban unicycling, norman architecture, origami, papyrognosis, parenting, pdf, peace and love, philosophy, pirates, plato, platonic solids, podge, poee, polyhedra, precision multimedia design, principia discordia, punk, pure geometry, qabalah, qbl, qblh, qblhgami, quantisation, religion, roleplaying, royal cubit, sacred chao, sacred geometry, sacred tree, sefer yetzirah, self mutatation, sephirotic tree, shinto, sri yantra, string theory, superforce, supersymmetry, sustainable living, synergetics, technical drawing, techno, the golden apple, the ophite diagrams, thothmoses, time, tindalos, tree of life, urim and thummim, vector graphics, violin, visual communication, visualisation, w3c, winged disc, xaognosis, xaometry, xascade, you are the pope